Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tale Seventy Four: One Year Old

Tomorrow is this blog's anniversary.

It hasn't felt like a year, and I've found that this blog has been a "WoW Therapy" of sorts for me. And while it started as a blog about me, I found it soon evolved into a WoW blog.

I haven't really "defined" what this blog is, I suppose. At times, it's felt like a me-me blog. Other days, it can actually be a helpful blog to other people. I also did a stint at doing ICC guides! That died down pretty quick since everyone else was doing it and I felt that I could focus on other things. At one point, I even did a bit of RP! Of course, there was the one where Petal took over. And when I ranted about the women issue that happens in WoW. And a fun blog post about the statistic tab. I also compared Northrend to my Canada. And most recently, we went through a blog makeover.

All in all, it's been a fun ride. And while I've been silent this last month, it's because I'm not raiding or playing much. With the summer here and my guild not being the same as before, Mr. Littlebark and I have been playing a druid/shaman alt (role reversal!). Here's to another great year!


  1. I think its ok not to really be a "defined" blog. It's your blog so write whatever comes to mind a the moment.

    Happy blogaversary!