Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tale Seventy Eight: Introduction...

To a corner on this blog that I'm naming "Littlebark's Corner". Creative, yes?

I server transferred Littlebark over to Moonguard, which was my original server on my hunter before I made the switch to Cenarius. I'm quite excited about the RP aspect of this adventure, about the fact that I've left all my alts and now have to start from stratch so that LB has everything she needs -on her own.

So, to explain what has been bottled up inside me and in a way inside Littlebark as well, here is the first part of a series that I hope will continue on. It's nice therapy now that I'm on my own.

*** **** ***** ******** ******

“Maybe you should take a break.”

The words stung. The druid lifted her nose stubbornly, her eyes narrowing. The Blood Elf sensed the tension that suddenly filled the air and quickly cast her eyes down to the table, absent mindedly petting the giant wolf next to her.

“I don’t need a break, Thienna.”

The elf named Thienna shrugged her petite shoulders, choosing her words carefully, “You’ve… become hard, Littlebark. A loner –and that’s quite an achievement, seeing as that role is usually played by me. You’ve lost so many-“

“Loss is part of war, Waverunner. I don’t expect you to understand that since you don’t get to be up at the Front.”

The insult hit it’s mark, leaving Thienna red in the face, “You know that if they’d let me-“


“Bark, I’m just trying to help.”

The druid’s shoulders sunk slightly. “I haven’t been around as much. Not since…”

Since his departure, Thienna registered. They had all noticed it, of course. So many of the veterans had left the North –either wounded or dead. Littlebark was one of the veterans standing when they brought the wounded troll and she lost all hope in winning the war. “We all understand –“

Littlebark’s eyes caught hers, “what, have you all been talking about me behind my back?”


She stood, defeated and angry, “Tell Cryssam that I’ll be by to see her later today. To start thinking of a place to reassign me.”

“Littlebark, we need you.”

The words froze her, and she sighed, “I was a healer. But I can’t even begin to heal the pain from here.”

Momentarily stunned, Thienna stared at the spot where Littlebark was pointing –her heart. Sighing Thienna stood, “I’ll tell her.”

Littlebark nodded her thanks, starting to feel right for the first time in a long time.

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