Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tale Twenty Nine: Vuhdoh Pt2/Finale

Vuhdo is my new best friend.

I absolutley love it. And again, I only found one thing that kind of had me sighing, and that is that the HoT timer is colored dots instead of the actual icons.

But other than that, Vuhdo like Healbot, except better!

And for those of you saying, "oh she's making it sound better than it actually is", let me remind you: I was the Healbot virgin. I refused to try Grid because setting it up is just too damn hard and I just wanted something quick and good to go.

Well Vuhdo. You got me. Easy to navigate? Yes please. Quick to set up? Check! Lots of options? Yep!

It even lets you put in what you want your rez message to be. Unlike Healbot, where it says "Casting Revive on So-and-so". My rez message on Vuhdo is, "Resurrecting So-and-So. Side effects may be......"


So, my final verdict: If you have 5 extra minutes, go download Vuhdo and play with it. Set it up to your needs. Put in a wacky rez message. If your add on challenged like me, you'll love this add on.



  1. Interesting, I'm going to have to try this out! Thanks for the input.

  2. Hi there, firstly: love the pic of your tree in the about me panel on the right side of the page :). I tried Vuhdo a while back because a friend recommended it, but I've got to say if you can get through the set-up period for grid - it is the superior add-on.

  3. @Cows: *wave* Yeah, several of my guildies are trying Grid now (we're all stepping away from our Healbot box!) and they love it.

    Maybe that'll be the next review I do :D

    And thanks about the picture. I took it on the Alliance side of the roofs. I felt pretty bad ass, considering LB was still Horde when I took that picture.

  4. HoT timers can be set to show actual spell icons with timers on them. You may have figured that out by now of course. Anyway, I love VuhDo and am happy to see others liking it too.