Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tale Forty Five: Seriously. Another one?

What is that LB!?

Let me tell you, reader.

That, is LB002.

You see, Blizzard thought it would be hilarious that my server crash five minutes after I log in. From coming home from work.

4 hours later, and it's still not up.

None of my servers are up, none of my friends server are up.

So I rerolled an alt on an Oceanic-that if it ever gets leveled up- I will probably ship back to Cenarius.

This druid looks what my beloved Littlebark looked like before I turned her to Alliance. I think I'll have fun ;)....

Until the damn server comes up.

Server being down = me not being able to do my Turkey Achievements. = me being a sad panda.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Taler Forty Four: Everyone has already talked about it!

But I really don't care.

Several bloggers have given their opinions on the pets that you can now purchase off the Blizzard store.

Some reacted positively, some negatively and others just didn't care.

I reacted positively.

When I saw the Monk months ago on the Wow.com site, I was thrilled. I'd promised myself that I would grind and sweat blood until I got him.

When I saw that I could buy him for $10, I was happy.

Saresa from Destructive Reach made a video on her view. I saw it and while I didn't agree with somethings, enjoyed it quite alot.

Two things that stuck out for me:
-'$10 is alot'
-You don't get the sense of satisfaction like you do from grinding a pet.

To the first point: to some people $10 IS alot. And if it is, you don't buy the pet. Keeva from Tree Bark Jacket knew that she had car payments ($6000 is 9 months! Woo hoo Keeva!) and therefore did not buy the pet. However, when her friend bought it for her, she was happy. As she said, she'll lecture him about his car payments later!

For those of you that don't know, I'm a college student and I work part time. I live with Mr. Littlebark and we share all our bills. Even with this, to me, $10 is NOT a lot. And $5 of it goes to the Make A Wish Foundation. That right there made me happy I bought it. Sure. $10 could get you a meal at McDonald's or new socks, etc. But it's your money and you can do whatever you want with it.

The second point: I have never grinded for a pet. Ever. I think the only thing I've grinded for is the Talbuk from Nagrand. And that took me almost 6months after I dinged 80. Did I get a "OHMYGOD you guys! Look what I got!" feeling? Nope. It was a "Ohmyeffing God. About frigging time!"

When I logged in and summoned the Monk and Lil KT, I was so happy! I DID get the "OHMYGOD YOU GUYS! I GOT HIM!" feeling. Even now, I love to summon them and giggle when I hear the Monk playing around. I understand that to some people, it might be all "Ho hum". But to me, it's fun. I would have grinded for it, but I didn't have to.

What was even better was that because of my Monk and Lil KT, one of my guildmates bought one too. Another guildmate had just bought it before me. Already, that's $15 for the Make a Wish Foundation.

So to the people that say that $10 is too much for a pet, let's talk numbers:

WoW Game Card (two months): ~$32.00
Snacks (monthly): Varies for people.
Meals (take out): Varies for people

So, in reality, you're spending quite abit on WoW. What about those of us who have multiple WoW accounts? Or, why bother buying the Collector's Edition of a new Xpac? The normal version will give you just as much as the other one.

So you see, I guess my pet peeve is: people slamming those who BUY the pets. You don't have to buy them. So can you please stop calling us Morons and telling us it's silly? As Chandler Bing once said, "We are rather fond of the silly!"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tale Forty Three: Going Back to My Roots


And the final product:

Well. That's a nice thing after a horrible week of PuGS on the Paladin. Thank you, Littlebark, for cheering me up. <3

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tale Forty Two: I honestly don't why I put up with it.

PuGs. You've read my hate for them.

So why do I keep doing them?!

Honestly? The only answer I can come up with is I'm a complete moron.

And don't you dare disagree with me.

I'm so annoyed with the game. Nay. I'm annoyed at the people who make these PuGs a horrible and painful experience.

I transferred my Paladin to an RP server with Mr. Littlebark's warrior. What pisses me off, is that we transfer them, RP for a day and then he loses interest! Which means that I'm left to wander up and down the server by myself, knowing no one and clad in Naxx10 tank gear, Naxx10/25 holy gear.

No one, and I mean no one, wants a partially geared paladin. Which means I have to PuG. Not knowing who the ninja's are on this server, no one on my friends list. If you read several of my posts, you know that I work hard on my toons.

So, of course, this means pugging content that is now considered on farm.


People are idiotic, people have what appears to be 0 knowledge. I had a druid answer my LFM trade ad with "hey mate, I saw your Naxx25. I dinged 80 just now. Run me threw?"

Yeah. Welcome to my ignore list.

Finally got a Naxx25 group, with my brand new guild. And one of the guys in my guild tells the tank to pull, whilst some of us were still summoning. We wiped, people cried bloody murder and all the sudden, we have a new shaman in the group.

When the hell did that PuG rogue get assist!?

"Either he leaves, or people are going to start dropping."

The "he" that he was referring to was, as fate should have it, my new Guild Master.

I kicked the new shammy, told the people who had assist to stop the nerd rage and to keep going. Only one person dropped.

By the time we got to the boss, I knew it was going to fail. And of course, it did.

Honestly, I am sick to death of WoW. Sick to death of the fact that so many people and PuGs are ruining the game that I love.

No. I am not burnt out. No, I do not want to quit. I just want to gear up as quickly and painless.

Is that too much to ask!?