Friday, September 4, 2009

Tale Twenty Eight: Vuhdo Pt1

Alright, so I've downloaded VuhDo. I'm logging in.

And this is what greets me:

Oh. Hmm. Well, alright. I was suprised to see that you can move each box individually.

Here's the options tab of VuhDoh.

I like it. Easy on the eyes. Easy to navigate so far!

What's this? See that red and blue square? That's my rejuv and regrowth tracker. Not sure if I like that. I like seeing which is which, by means of an icon or something...

There's the buff tracker. I like it, it's really in your face.

Also, as I was playing around with it, it gave me alot of custamization options. For example, do I want my HoTS to be count down for the full duration? Or just for the last 10 seconds?

And, when you get a debuff, it gives you a sound warning. Such as a Elf Bell Toll or Tribal Bass Drum!

I will keep playing with it and test it out in tomorrow's raid. I shall then give you my full verdict there.

Here's to hoping I won't have to use Healbot half way through the raid ;)


  1. Where's the full review then ;)

    I'm still using Helabot and I've looked at VuhDoh but not made the jump... worth it?

  2. Yeah VuhDo is worth it :D

    The ONLY thing healbot does better than vuhdo is HoT icons. In every other aspect VuhDo FTW.

    Now if the VuhDo guys add icons like in Healbot...