Monday, March 29, 2010

Tale Sixty Nine: Real Life Ding!

As the tittle suggests, it's my real life birthday!

This weekend has been tons of fun with lots of food and laughter, and of course in guild banter... of my age. Bah! ;)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tale Sixty Eight: Healing is a Trust Game

Today, it struck me "healing is very much a trust game."

And you know at what precise moment it hit me? Moments after I was hit by another vehicle today. I'm not sure why I thought that, and at that moment. But I did.

You see, when you're on the road, you expect -or rather- trust, that the other drivers will follow the rules of the road. And if they don't follow the rules of the road, you just hope to God that whatever the hell they're doing keeps you alive.

Same with healing. In a raid, you hope to the WoW Gods that your healers keep you alive. Without healers, there is no raid. Same goes for tanks and DPS, but at the moment, we're sticking with tanks.

When I was "healing coordinator" in After Hours, I would make evaluate how well the healers did together. Why? Because, as silly as it sounds, healers need to have some sort of chemistry. I've run into so many groups (especially PuGs) where one healers is over healing because they don't trust the other healer. Or where they have amazing healing potential but they keep blaming each other because one heal didn't go off or X person didn't heal enough...

I've also found that while in guild raids, us healers trust too much. For example, I feel completely safe and sure of what I'm doing when I heal with Grimm, Mr. Littlebark or Apadwa from my guild. When others from my guild heal with me, I still trust them, but I'm still on my toes with them in case it's needed. It's almost mechanical. I know what my healing team will cast, what they'll use, what their OH SHI- buttons are.

So to sum this all up: healing is very much a trust game.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tale Sixty Seven: Block'ed

This is what I stares at when I tank.
It is very big.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tale Sixty Six: Blog Makeover!

If you've walked in here and are wondering what on earth is going on and who is this anyways, it's okay.

This is still Littlebark. Just less bark and more claws.

I'm shifting the content of this blog to resto/feral instead of resto/whatever fluff post I want.

I have to thank Jaedia, for being taking the time to do the header for me. It's great, its much bettert han what I had drawn out in my head. So, thank you Jaedia!

If not for her... I would have done the blog makeover and it would have looked something like this:

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tale Sixty Five: Bloggers Unite!

If you haven't heard already, many bloggers on the blogsphere have joined a guild called Single Abstract Noun on the Argent Dawn (US & EU).

You see, this all began with Tamarind. Yes.

I stumbled on Jaedia's blog and saw she'd made a Horde Shammy alt. Nothing out of the ordinary, right?

Here, I'll quote her:

"Single Abstract Noun is a guild made on Argent Dawn EU Horde-side for the blogging community. I would like to add, that the blogging community isn’t purely made up of bloggers, but also readers."

Damn, I thought. EU Horde side.

But wait! There's more.
Miss Medicina has started a US sister guild to Single Abstract Noun, on the Argent Dawn US server. You have to be Alliance though, because that is the faction that was chosen.
I don't know when the guild was formed but as of 11:45 Thrusday night, there are 102 member in the guild. G Chat is very lively. It's neat seeing so many bloggers in the guild!
So if you want to have fun, chill out and just chat... come join us. Bloggers and readers alike are welcome. You can whisper anyone (I believe) and they'll be able to shoot you a ginvite!


Tale Sixty Four: WoW Karma

- Somewhere in the cold North -

Mr. LB: So! We can upgrade your Deadly hand to Furious. You only need like... 9 more Triumph badges? Lets go do the weekly, then I'll tank the last bit that you need.

Me: Okay! After the weekly, I'll need... *looks at Mr. LB expectantly*

Mr. LB: Anyways, after the weekly we'll need a dungeon with 4 bosses. Like UP -

Me: Gundrak.

Mr. LB: Or the one that you hate.

Me: AN?

Mr. LB: What? No. That one is easy-

Me: It's annoying...

Mr. LB: and only has 3 bosses. The OTHER one you hate.

Me: *crossing my arms* Nu-uh. Forget it. I won't do Occulus.

Mr. LB: Oh come on. It's easy now! And you get extra badges at the end. And a chance at a mount.

Me: I have flight form, and I only need 4 badges after the weekly. I know it's easy now. But it's the principle of the thing. Occulus is my nemesis!

- One hour later -

Mr. LB: Okay, let's do your Random for your Frost Badges.

Me: Okay! *happily clicks "healer" and waits for the instant pop up*


Mr. LB: *Burts out laughing as the Occulus loading screen comes on*