Monday, June 22, 2009

Tale 2 1/2: The Person Behind the Tree con't

Now onto more personal stuff about the person behind Littlebark.

Name: Zayda

Age: Go Away

Occupation: I'm the one getting yelled at over the phone because f**king service is closed. Yep, I'm the receptionist.

Career goal: Well, Bach of Education. To be a Elementary school teacher. Because I would hang myself if I had to teach highschool students. Because I could barely stand my self in high school.

About me: My heritage is Spanish/Russian. Very messed up, I know. I'm a writer, but I can never finish my stories. I do want to publish at least one before I croak. My favorite colour is purple. I do not live with my parents anymore. I have an ADD standard poodle (Mowgli) and a demon cat (Felix). My best friend is always there for me (cue: awww). I get annoyed easily. I hate Alliance... stratch that. I despise gnomes. The rest of the Alliance are still ehhhh.

About Me in WoW.

My main is a level 80 resto/boomkin druid named Littlebark. She's healing Ulduar 10/25 right now and loving it.

My alt is a level 80 prot/pvp ret paladin named Littlelight.

My second alt is a level 80 destro lock named Jezabeth. She is by far my favorite of the three, but the least undergeared.

Why do two of my toons have the name "Little" in them? Well, because that's my "trend". I also have:

Littleshot (hunter)
Littleprick (rogue)
Littleprayer (priest)
Littlevoice (another priest, whose name is in the changing process. Her original name was Unhealthy).

My favorite heroic is Heroic Violet Hold. Easy to heal, Easy to tank, Easy to DPS.

How did I get into WoW:

My best friend (Setsuna) used to play WoW. And one day she started selling the game to me. And she sold it to me so much that as soon as my boyfriend came home, I turned to him and told him I wanted to try it out. He was a bit suprised but excited and then the epic quest began. . . A year and some months later, I'm a major nerd. And I have more 80's than him. :)

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