Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tale Sixty Three: I Is Helping Out

For Averna, who switches her mounts when she takes a long trip so they don't get worn out.

Yes, I am totally carrying my mount in flight form. I got tons of whispers because I am SOOOO OP!


PS: I seriously love that glitch.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tale Sixty Two: I really dislike PuGs.

Suprise, right?

You'll hear me say this quite often in game: "I swear, if I could give a yelling to the elitist asshole who made GearScore, I WOULD!"

Which is really not fair to him. I'm sure he's not elitist or an asshole, just someone who made a mod up and people started misusing it.

Yeah, that's right. I went there, you direspectful, uncaring, idiot PuG raid leaders of Cenarius.

You see, Gearscore was supposed to measure a "score" based on your gear. For example, a freshly dinged 80 has a GS of around 3000. If you only do 10 mans, you have a GS of 5.3ish. And 25 mans? Closer to 6.0K.

However, some PuG leaders view this thing as A BIBLE. I don't have 25 man achievements for ICC, but I do for 10 mans. I have a GS of 5.3k. Mr. Littlebark has made his Shadow Priest his main for now, so I whispered a RL and told him my predicament. I have high GS + 10 Achievements. Mr. LB no achievements on Shadow Priest but a horde of them of his Pally.

"Need Achieve to get in or high GS. Not bringing people that need explanation or stand in shit and achievements rule out 80% of that."

I promptly said thank you, and declined the invite.

I understand what he's trying to do. But what irks me is this. With the new badge vendor system, you can grind heroics and get all ICC entry level gear -without going into a raid. Hence not knowing where to stand or knowing the fights.


This is a rant. The RL had no way of knowing that Mr. LB does know the fights and in fact led raids for almost 6 months, knows where to stand and has a couple of tricks up his sleeve.

I guess it's too much to ask for RL of Cenarius to just hold hands and sing "Kumbaya".

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tale Sixty One: Changes


LB Night Elf is no more.

It broke my heart but as of last night, After Hours is no more. A turmoil of events in my life have come up and it left me and Mr. Littlebark feeling like we weren't giving 110% of ourselves to the guild. We weren't having fun with leading and it was stressful handling that and real life at the same time.

Real life was a bitch about it too, though. I got a promotion at work from a mere receptionist to the Assistant Marketing Director. I'm thrilled, I truly am. My hours are from 8:30-5:00 now instead of 3:30-9:00. I'm making more money and I get to have a say at meetings. It's a great feeling instead of being someone who "just answers phones". Sadly, this means no more late night guild.

My grandmother was sick a couple of weeks ago, and thankfully is slowly getting better. However, like only old ladies can do, she's making the recovering process slower by not drinking water because "it doesn't taste yummy with her donuts." I love the woman to death, seeing as she raised me, but now that she's fighting a urinary tract and kidney infection... it makes me head explode.

We're also moving houses. Which means weeks of no internet. Very hard to lead a raid with no internet. We'll be stealing wi-fi from a neighbour (don't worry, we know him) but its not steady for hard core raiding.

I actually cried last night over the break of my guild. These people became my friends and companions. I laughed, sweared, cheered and accomplished things with them.

Doc, Misty & Thatguy... you guys came to us as a unit and I'm glad you did. I've never met a Dad, Son, Stepmom team but you guys did it perfectly and with so much humor it was always so much fun. I'll always remember the "my dad says (insert whatever you liked in here) it gives me herpes" and Thatguy making fun of my ugly leaves. Misty, you're always so quiet and sweet but so kind. Doc, you're just great, man. You brought comedy into our laid back guild.

Steve/Aphaea/Lacrimosa/Man of a million toons, you're just amazing awesome for taking over the website. Seriously. My hero. And your motormouth? I like it.

Raagz, my awersome strategist. You could have been in a hard core guild. You have the DPS, the attitude and the drive for it. But you stuck with us because as you put it, "I'd rather stick with people I like than a couple of pixels."

Shinear, holy moley. You are a great guy and quite possibly my favorite dwarf (just don't tell Doc!) I remember you from our very start. When we almost threw in the towel, you were the one that reminded us that great things don't happen overnight. You're very right, my friend. We made a hell of a guild.

Maulic. My silent suidice bomber of fears. You never said much but did your job. My favorite memory of you? Something like this:

*In TOC*
Mr. Littlebark: So we'll have so and so lock down the shammy and have Maulic run in and scatter them all with with his fear-

*5 seconds later, you see this Night Elf warrior charge in and cast his fear. All of us stare at him, watch him die, them promptly get slaughtered ourselves*

Larkyn, you are by far the coolest Mom I've met. You play WoW! Enough said.

And... that was our core. You were After Hours. Now go out there, kill the Bitch, I mean Lich King and make me proud.