Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tale Fifty Seven: How to Lady Bitchwhisper. Um. Deathwhisper. (10)

How to: Lady Deathwhisperpicture source: MMO Champion

Lady Deathwhisper is the second boss in the lower spire. She’s very much like Kel'Thuzad in Naxxaramas or Novos the Summoner in Drak’Tharon Keep in the sense that she protects herself with a shield before she becomes attackable. To get her to drop her shield, your DPS must drain her mana (by attacking her. So you can go ahead and take off that Viper Sting, hunter.)

Every 30 seconds, 3 adds come out from the left or right side of the room. From the right, it will always be 2 Adherents and 1 Fanatic. The left will be 2 Fanatics, and 1 Adherent.

Adherents can only be attacked by melee (that do not use magic) DPS.
Fanatics can be attacked by magic casters.

Every so often, she
empowers an add. It will pump out AoE damage. Wild Growth and Rejuv as necessary.

Also, because –you know- there’s not enough damage going already, she randomly throws out
shadowbolts at people. They hit for around 9k. I find that putting a Rejuv on them works.

She has an ability called
Death and Decay. It’s the green (instead of a DK’s normal red one) and it hurts. Wild Growth the group and get out ASAP.

If you can dispel curses (which, if you’re a druid, you can), dispel.

Oh. By the way? That’s just phase one.

Phase two is much easier. After she almost runs out of mana (I believe its 3mill), she breaks out of her shield and starts to attack. Our tanks place her off the altar as we found that if they tank her up there, it’s easy to go out of the healer’s line of sight.

Your DPS has to worry about interrupting her annoying
Frostbolts and getting out of the Death and Decay.

Ghosts (called Vengeful Shade) rise up every so often. If they’re chasing you, then run away from them! If they touch you, they cast
Vengeful Blast. It hurts you and anyone around you. And if its just your bad luck, you could get a Death and Decay dropped on top of you. And because she’s such a bitch, she might also decide to Frostbolt at that exact moment. And it’s the only Frostbolt that night that the DPS didn’t interrupt.

All this time, your tanks will be getting a debuff called Touch of Insignificance. No way to dispel it, so burn the boss down fast!
Useful Loot for a Resto Druid:

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