Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tale Fifty Three: Petal Takes Over!

Treebloggers United

Hello everyone! I'm called Petal and I muddle around on a blog called The New HoTness but before that I was known as Doodlebug on the Kael'thas server in the Big Bear Butt's guild, the Sidhe Devils. I left that guild to raid, decided raiding wasn't for me and moved to a brand new server to start all over again. Also, I was the artist and co-author of a short lived comic called Road to BlizzCon — so while my blog is kinda new, my 'pedigree' (if you can call it that) stretches back a little bit.

Saresa over at Destructive Reach and Blog Azeroth has thrown together a little "Blogging Kris Kringle / White Elephant" where different bloggers switch around and get to post their random thoughts and so forth on others blogs and I'm honored to be posting on Littlebark's.

Something about blogging, and especially blogging about my tree druid is intensely fascinating, which is why I restarted after quitting the first time. There's a veritable forest of trees out there, blogging their thoughts, their numbers or their achievements... so I'm thinking it's just as fascinating to a lot of people. I'd love to one day see a chart or study of how many WoW-themed blogs there are and how many are druid-centric... my purely intuitive feeling is that druids would come in first, paws down.

I think it's because druids are a hybrid class (and thinking about it a little more I bet other hybrid class blogs would number high on that mythical study as well). As hybrids we have a lot to chatter about: kitty DPS, feral bear bashing, boomkins going oom, trees running and healing and hotting the place up. Any or all of those I have seen and read and been entertained by. I also love the names that druids come up with as well: Tigerfeet, of course Littlebark, the world famous Leafshine and my own little baby Tauren alt, Honeythief. See, there's just something about druids and druid bloggers that make me happy.

It also makes me happy when I discover new blogs and bloggers, and as part of this continuing Winter Veil link-love fest, comment below and include one of your favorite druid-themed blogs. We all know the 'big names' so link us your little ones, if you please. Someone you read who may not post that regularly and could use some traffic and encouragement. Also be sure to pimp your own blog, as I so shamelessly did above.

Thanks again to Saresa for organizing, thanks to Littlebark for letting me leave my leafs all over the place and Happy Winter's Veil to you all.


  1. *gently rakes leftover leafs into a pile and jumps in*

    Woo HoO! ^_^

  2. Nice one!

    I was wondering what happened to you... Tis the season for reunions!