Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tale Forty One: Guild Recruiting/Applying

All is quite on the Druid Front.

I just wanted to make a quick post, touching on guild recruitment and applying to guilds.

When you see an 'ad' in trade channel that looks something like this:

The Make Believe Guild is recruiting dedicated DPS! We raid x times a week and are currently focusing on ToC and Ulduar. Our raid times are X-Xpm. For more information, send me a tell or visit our website @

You have to ask these questions:

-Do the raid times work for me?

-Can I make most of the raids?

-Am I geared for the content they are on?

I quickly want to touch up on the last point. Lately, while we've been recruiting, we've had a couple of people whisper us who are interested. However, once looking at their armory, we cringe. When applying to a Uld/ToC guild, greens and blues -with a HH ring- is not the best impression. It tells us that you just dinged 80 or just haven't bothered pugging a Naxx or heroics... you can now gear up faster thanks to the badge system. A guild who is still working on Uld/ToC does not want to carry you.

Once you have answered the three questions above, and all of the answers are yes, you should check out the site (if they provided one). Do you like what you see? Is it easy on the eyes? How do the forums look?

If you're satisfied with the site, time to whisper the recruiting officer! Remember, this is what you can call your 'job interview'. This is where you can ask as many questions as you can about the guild. ie: whats the age range? Is the guild chat casual or full of hardcores? Does the guild offer repairs or no? Whats the policy of the guild bank? Whats the guild ranks? Is there a trial period?

Any questions about the raids, and guild that you have, the officer will most likely answer. Just like in a job interview, you have to feel somewhat comfortable too. Whenever Mr. Littlebark is recruiting, he asks a silly question first (ie: what are you wearing?) This can go either way, and we get to see what kind of person you are. Our guild likes to joke around alot, so it can be an eye opener for us.

Hope this helps whenever you're looking for a guild. Happy gaming!

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