Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tale Thirty Four: Playing With the Big Boys

What I love about Wrath:

You get to interact with major characters.

Oh yeah. LB playing with the Big Boys.
WTB Armor Upgrade for Thrall. PST.


  1. Hehe, fantastic screenshot. Although I think what frustrates me about a lot of the Wrath plotlines is the fact it's not so much 'playing' with the big guys so much as following them around while they deal with the plot. Although I loved the cutscene preceding it, Battle for the UC felt incredibly hollow to me.

  2. @Tamarind: Very true. I followed those two around and listened to them speak and all the while I was like 'hey why don't you do...' Thrall didn't take my suggestions though :( Maybe he doesn't understand Darnassian?

    I do agree about the Battle for the UC though. It felt like all I was doing was following Sylvanas and Thrall around. Literally, nothing could kill me.