Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tale Thirty Eight: Owned


After Hours went in: one shot Faction Champions, two shot the Val'kyr Twins (we wiped the first time due to us being silly and getting the special abilities mixed up) and two shot Anub.

Yeah yeah. You guys probably don't care. Hell, most of you are working on hardmodes and what not.

But, we're a small guild. And most of our raiders have never seen the content we're working on. It's all new to them, and our dpsers are not LEET and pumping out 5k. I think our highest is doing 3k.

Our guys are just amazing, I suppose. We had two healers for the whole thing -Mr. Littlebark's Shammy and myself - and it was crazy and so much fun. Our dps listened to our 20 minute monotone explanation and they did it brilliantly.

Guys, so proud of you.

Now, let's get Algalon down, aye?

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