Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tale Thirty Five: When A guildmate turns his back on you

Keeva over at Tree Bark Jacket made a really interesting post on a certain member in a guild run.

Like I said in her comment section, I’m glad I’m not the only one going through this.

When I transferred Littlebark to Alliance, I did it with the sole purpose of being to play her in a late night guild that Mr. Littlebark, myself and a couple of friends/family were starting up. We’re not L33T or anything, just people enjoying the game we love whilst having a fun time.

Of course, the four of us can’t solo Ulduar so we recruited and found some pretty amazing people in the form of a hunter, a boomkin, a holy priest, a DK, a rogue, two pally tanks and a mage. All of us work together as a team, and only lately have we had a bad week in terms of raiding.

Anywho, the mage has been an officer since day one. Mr. Littlebark and myself hold up most of the load, but we still needed someone who would sell the BoE’s from runs, help us control the Ep/Gp, etc. The Mage was amazing at doing this and he was a great officer. Sure, he was a little late to runs and recently he stopped showing up. It severed our raids and we’ve had to call them due to lack of DPS.

The last time he showed up to a raid was 2 weeks ago. We handed him a BoE to sell and when in a week I checked the bank and didn’t see him deposit anything, it struck me as odd. Mr. Littlebark said ‘maybe he still hasn’t been able to sell it yet’.

On Sunday, said Mage /gquit the guild and must have transferred to another server or gotten a name change. Because we have not seen hide nor hair from him.

It hurt the guild morale. And what hurt us the most was that we did not get the BoE back, he took about 200 relic of Ulduar –which we use to help alts power level their rep with Hodir or we sell them – and a couple scroll of enchants. We did not see him as that kind of person.

To you bigger guilds out there, that is not a lot. But we’re a ten man family style guild. When you are accepted into the guild, you get these benefits:

- Free enchants for Ulduar/ToC or tier gear
- Free Flasks (Pure Mojo/Stoneblood/etc)
- Fish Feasts
- Guild bank repairs on raid nights
- Mr. Littlebark and myself always willing to help improve a dps/healer/tank since we have played every single class in the game
- A casual feel in the guild

So, as you can see, that’s a lot of things being donated to the bank, and usually by one or two people. We ask that any greens in a run be donated to the gbank so we can disenchant them for the free enchants people will get later. Lately I’ve asked guildies to donate Frost Lotus as well, since they don’t seem to drop for me when I farm. I’m Elixer specced, so on a good night, I get a proc of 4, four times in a row. The Fish Feasts are provided by the hunter and myself, since that’s something we both enjoy to do. But as for the bank repairs…

Where does the money for that come from?

As I’ve stated, BoE’s from runs. Sadly, those don’t go for a lot though (holy pally bracers that dropped were going for about 300g). I’m an Alchemist, so of course, I sell my transmutes for the gbank. We have a generous guildie who donates once in awhile. With all of that, we only have around 2k in the guild bank.

During a raid night, we use up around anywhere from 300-700g (yes, we wipe a lot).

Which is why when I went to grab the relics of Ulduar from the gbank to sell them -200 relics are going for 500g!- I was floored when I saw that The Mage had taken them out 3 hours prior and not deposited anything back to us.

The scroll of enchants, we think he justifies with ‘I’m the one that enchanted them in the first place’. That doesn’t matter, since the guild as a whole provided the mats, via surrendering the greens from runs.
As for the BoE that he never deposited the gold from…*sad sigh*

Of course, I was appointed with the task of talking to GM. This feels slightly like Déjà vu, seeing as this happened to me on my Horde guild as well –however in that case, the toon had been hacked. This guild mate, he just left.

And it’s not like he left on a bad note, either. Last we spoke to him, we we’re all happy about single shotting Thorim and Hodir for the first time as a guild. He was a great dude, and he brought a certain charisma to the group. And of course, his mana strudels.

So we lost a guild mate and a couple hundred gold. Honestly, we’re more bummed about loosing the guild mate.

However, if you ask some guild mates, they will tell you ‘screw him.’

Well, we’re not all saints you know!

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