Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tale Forty: Burnt Out

No, not me. Mr Littlebark, who has been playing the game much longer than I, told me today that he would probably stop playing the game. He doesn't find anything to do now, he'll just run around in circles in Dalaran and realize he's been doing that for 10 minutes straight.

What happens though, when I am still very much playing the game?

He's our Guild Master, he's amazing at leading raids and he reads up on fights. He's good at his class, at all the spec and he made this guild for me, really. So I could raid even though I have a weird work schedule.

Has anyone else had partners that just stop playing WoW? What should I say/do?



  1. /hug

    I don't really have any idea to give you. I play with my boyfriend and both of us are a bit tired these days, with the current content not matching our expectations. TOC is boring...

    I know many couples playing wow together, or appart. I rather play with my man, but I know some who are in different guilds, playing at different levels.

    I think that if you still love playing, you should go on, but maybe play less, to do things with him too. But if you feel that the game is not the same without him, maybe find something else to do on your free time. Wow is a game, if you don't enjoy it anymore without your man, do something else, but if you still enjoy it, continue playing.

    And I don't think it's a good idea to try to convince him to stay, if he's not having fun anymore.

    You will have to make a choice. But I'm sure you will make the good one, don't worry.

  2. @Nefernet: Thanks.

    I still haven't decided what to do. As sad as it sounds, this past year some of our best memories have been 'in WoW'. I know people who say that's silly, but in our guild, we're out two of our three healers. And it's an awesome feeling when we save the raid from a wipe using what can only be described as awesomeness.

    We tried the whole he raiding in a more progressed guild, which he liked. But, he ended up coming back to our slow guild to be with me.

    But you're right. The content is boring! However, we're still stuck on Freya in Ulduar. So, that probably means that we won't get to see Lich King for awhile :(.

    I think I've ranted long enough for one day... I'll probably continue playing -definetly keep on blogging- and see what happens.

  3. Oh, it’s sad when that happens

    I started playing wow on the encouragement of my partner, and now I love it …. And his interest in the game is waning.

    I don’t try to push, because I know that after a break he will come back refreshed and keen.

    I totally relate to the best memories in WoW feeling, because raiding can be stressful, and stress brings people together. When you have worked hard together and achieved something great, there is no better feeling!

    Maybe the fact that he does so much usually has contributed to his burn out. My partner used to be guild leader, and still acts as raid leader, and I see him burn faster due to the added pressure, and the drama it usually entails in our guild (gotta love the drama).

    Perhaps you and he should roll secret alts, outside the guild, and go do fun stuff for a bit. Do all the dungeons at the appropriate level, try levelling in an area you have never done. Collect all the mounts. Become a master chef. There are lots of things to do that don’t involve raiding.

    In the end the main aim of the game is to be entertained. Hope he gets his second wind.