Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tale Twenty Four: A congrats goes to...

My Horde toons all belong to a guild on the Cenarius Server called Lords of Ancient Sin. It's one of the oldest of living guilds on the Cenarius Server (November 2005....!) and made up of people who ... are plain awesome, I guess.

We raid 4 times a week. 2 nights are dedicated to 10man Ulduar. 1 night is dedicated to H ToC. And the other night, dedicated to 25man Ulduar...

Mind you, while we raid alot we are not at all hard core or anything. We goof around and we have fun. Our 25 mans are done with a joint guild because we both don't have the numbers. I feel that the 25mans are more stricter. There's not enough laughing. Most of my pet peeves come from the 25man runs.

Now. Our 10mans have not seen Yogg. They haven't even seen Freya! We only just thought up of the genius idea of doing Ulduar 2 nights a week. We always get stuck on Hodir, because by the time we get to him we're pooped!... but on Saturday night, Lords taught that jerk a lesson. Hodir went DOWN!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Our small and fun group beat him. FINALLY! (PS: Thanks Averna for your guide >.>). You should have heard the vent celebration. It was amazing.

And then today, we all walked back in there, not thinking we'd really get anything else down. Just practise, right?


We killed Thorim as well! (PS: Again, thaaaanks Averna!) Celebration. Happy tears. Fireworks. Fun times.

Moral of the story: A good guild is one that doesn't leave you wanting to bang your head agaisnt the key board. Over and over again. A good guild will give you a few laughs rather than wanting to stop playing all together. A good guild will laugh off the mistakes yet learn and push forward instead of blaming each other.

A good guild is trying over and over again and finally seeing the fruits of your labour.

Lords of Ancient Sin, you made me proud this weekend.

A job well done.

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