Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tale Sixteen: Patch 3.2

Is it here?! My server is down for an extra hour... ack, the frustation!

I just want to go check out the kitty/bear forms! I'm so glad I managed to gather enough gear to have a feral set again.

Is it bad that all I want to see is the new forms? *le sigh*


  1. It's a terrible, terrible thing. Nobody should be that obsessed by their forms. *ahem* *looks innocent*

    (Mine were white the first time I shifted (within about 3 secs of logging in) - cool!)


  2. @ Leafshine: Of course you're right. I shouldn't be *this* obssessed. The only reason I am obssessed is because finally we get pretty forms, like you lucky Night Elves!!

    *looks around and whispers*

    but Littlebark was exactly the colour I wanted her to be!