Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tale Twenty Five: I'm such a traitor!

I have to tell someone. It's killing me...

I am a traitor to the Horde. I am, it's true.

On Sunday, I killed my faction leaders. All for the For the Alliance! achievement and a pretty Black War Bear.

I don't know why I did it. I was running aimlessly around Dalaran and Mr. Littlebark said, "I'm gonna do that raid to kill the Horde leaders." I had an internal war and 30seconds later said, "fine, I'll go."

Now mind you, we'd attempted it earlier. At 3AM. The group was stupid (38 random people you don't know, doing whatever they please? No thanks!) and I don't know what so many Horde were doing up at that time. Normally, us Hordies just ignore them as they kill Thrall. The Alliance ratio to Horde on the Cenarius server is 5:1. Pathetic. Anyways, the 3AM raid. We had Thrall at 75% when all the sudden this swarm of red invades the room.

Oh look, there's that DK from that guild we do our 25mans with! Hello, Mr. DK! It's me, Littlebark! Oh, hey... hey, stop beating on me. Stop that! Someone get this jerk off me!


Mr. Littlebark and I were so disgruntled, not to mention tired, that we quit.

Later that day, we joined the second raid. The group was stupider than the last. I swear, it was. But we managed to get them all down. I think a total of two Hordies came to defend Thrall that time, and on Cairne (which I sobbed at, by the way, as he died) a level 10 druid watched as we mercilessly killed his faction leader. Sylvanas was a cinch (I didn't cry as much on her, she's a jerk to me all the time) and the Blood Elf leader whose name I still don't know and have no clue why he's the leader, I didn't even realise that we had fought anything by the time he died. Run on sentence much?

Anyways. My heart shattered when we killed Thrall. I sobbed as we killed Cairne. I let a tear slip for Sylvanas. And I didn't even know we killed the Blood Elf Dude.

But look! Don't we just look so pretty?

- A very ashamed Littlebark

PS: Thrall is SO MUCH easier to kill than King Varian. He's a pain and a half to kill.

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