Friday, August 7, 2009

Tale Eighteen: The Death of...

"I can only pray to the ancestors that I am never placed in the same position as my father—torn between what I know in my heart is right and the defense of my people. It is why I continue to strive to uphold the tenuous peace between us and the Alliance. Because few offenses and insults in this or any other world are sufficient to warrant the slaughter of children."

Mr. Littlebark and myself were doing ToC on Wednesday and I commented that I thought that it was so cool that Thrall was up on the bleachers, cheering us on. It totally brought out the RP'er in me, and already I was building a story in my head.

When I was rudely interuppted by Mr. Littlebark saying something along the lines of, "Yeah but it's even cooler that Hellscream is gonna be the next Warchief."

Hold your horses. Put a break on that. What the hell!?

"What?!" I spat, "You've got to be kidding me! Hellscream is ignorant, he fights at every chance he gets, he doesn't think things through! Where did you hear this from?"

Mr. Littlebark shrugged, "Just speculation. That might be why Thrall is training Hellscream. He's always at his side, haven't you noticed?"

"Jaina is always at Varian's side. Are you telling me that she'd become Queen?" Indignant now, I glared at the Hellscream telling me to rip apart my oponent, "I would never follow him as a Warchief."

"It'd be cool! Come on, it's HELLSCREAM! He's a hero! His father killed the demi-god Cenarius-"

"And now the Night Elves are pissed at us."

"He's all about action-"

"Mhmm. Like when he was the first one to drink the demonic blood and curse the orcs?"

I'll give Mr. Littlebark props. He shrugged and gave up. "It's just speculation", he said.

But it got me thinking. Thrall is my favorite WoW Lore character. He's so diplomatic, he learns from past experiences, he analyzes things... what kind of Horde would it be Grommash Hellscream was the Warchief?

Any thoughts? Who's your WoW Lore? Or am I the only nerd here?

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  1. Ok, my lore favorites are:

    Horde: Sylvanas Windrunner (Sorry for throwing snowballs at you, please don't kill me)

    Alliance: Malfurion Stormrage, and Tyrande Whisperwind

    I feel bad for Illidan, and Arthas. Both of them are great, but sadly they aren't my favorites.

    *** The "STORMRAGE" novel will be available for purchase on February 23rd, 2010!!! ***

    (Sorry LB, I couldn't resist announcing it to the world... of warcraft fans :P )