Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tale Nineteen: No news

Hey guys...

No news that really matter. Haven't touched Littlebark in like... a week. Real life getting in the way. Alliance toon also getting in the way. Which reminds me, [After Hours] is recruiting for like... every class. Specially healers, since my Disc priest makes a crappy raid healer. Our raid times are from 9pm-12am (server time)Wednesday, Friday and Saturday on the Cenarius US. Awesome raid times for me, since I work till like an hour before raid time and my house is like 5minutes away from my work.

*back on topic*

Leveling Artaius veeeery slowly. She's only like level 8. Levels 1-20 SUCKS. Why can't Blizzard just give me my Kitty Form of AWESOMENESS right off the bat?!



  1. Oh my gosh, level 1-20 is the best, in my opinion. It's so incredibly fast! It's like you start at level 1, kill 8 things, and suddenly you're level 4. And then you kill 50 more things, and you're level 11, and then you kill 65 things and hand in 3 quests and you're level 20. Lol!

    It's when I get to level 46 and I have no rested XP and Feralas is kicking my ass.... that's when I want to just start punching things =P

  2. @Averna: See, I'm the other way around. I love the whole Feralas, Un'goro Grind. I have more abilities to keep me busy!

    Maybe thats why I have so many 80's + alts =/