Friday, August 14, 2009

Tale Twenty-One: WTF!?

So. Questing on Baby Druid. Needed to Escort the Defias Traitor and this pally is nice enought to offer his help even though he'd already done it. After it was done, I thanked him and he told me that if I was gonna do Van Cleef later, to add him up, he'd tank or heal.

Sweet! I thought and went my merry way. I went to get some lunch came back and saw that he'd whispered me. Here's a little clip of our convo:

I was all the way in Redridge, but I thought 'Hey. This guy helped me out when he didn't get any benefits. Time to return the favor!" So I hauled my butt to SW, through the tram, to Ironforge, to outside of IF... and then this!

Gagiu and Gaciu, I hope you enjoy being on my Ignore List. May I point out that the guy who went AFK was not AFK the second before, as he'd been telling me where to go. So you two. I hope you enjoy your crappy trial accounts. People like you give WoW a bad name.
I don't see the point in dragging me all the way to IF and beyond just to turn out to be a "SUCKA!" moment. But then again, I'm not an evil genius. Perhaps there is a greater motive.


  1. trial accounts can be in groups now?

    hate it when people do mean stuff without reason.

  2. @Flawlless: Indeed, they can be in groups. I know he was a trial account because when he helped me with my escort quest, I was gonna give him like 5g for going out of his way and helping me. But I got the whole "you cannot trade with trial account".

    I hate it too. It still confuses me that they hauled me all the way there and then kicked me out. I still cannot for the life of me figure out the motive!