Friday, August 14, 2009

Tale Twenty-Two: Druid and their abilities

I don't pretend to be a "Great Druid" but I do like to think that I know my class fairly well. And as such, here's a little something I think might help new druids. When I hit 80 and realized I wanted to heal, I was confused. Lifebloom? Wild Growth? What is that?! Well, here, I'll explain it to you.

What does a Resto Druid bring to the raid?:

The resto druid is well known for bringing HoTs to the raid (Healing Over Time). What are these spells?

Wild Growth (51er in the Resto tree. A MUST have)
Healing Touch


Gearwise, you want to focus on these stats: Spellpower > Spirit/Int > Haste/Crit/MP5 > Stam

The more the spell power, the more effective your HoTs are. Spirit got nerfed big time for us in 3.1 so we don't have to stack up on it as much.

One of the mistakes I made when I was gearing up Littlebark was forgetting an important stat: HASTE. The haste cap for resto druids, Gift of the Earthmother included, is 359.


Some good gems for druids are :

Insightful Earthseige Diamond
Runed Scarlet Ruby
Luminous Monarch Topaz
Purified Twilight Opal


Wild Growth

Those are great ones, depending on your build/gear.

Healing Rotation!

There isn't one, really. Usually, if I'm tank healing, I'll throw a stack of Lifeblooms on the tank, a rejuv a regrowth and then go from there, with Nourish making a huge portion of my healing arsenal. If I'm raid healing, I'll still do some of the above.

Healing Mods!

There are two major Healing Mods out there right now. Healbot and Grid. Personally, I use Healbot just because it's what I'm used to. Its not standard for all healers and by no means the better one of the two. Just the one I use as I find it easy to use and customize.


Depending on how your mana regen is, you can use two different kind of flasks.

If you need a boost in mana regen, I'd use Flask of Mojo. If you don't need the extra mana regen, I'd go for Flask of Frostwyrm. Foodwise, I use Firecracker Salmon.

I'm sure I missed something. If you'd like to point it out or add in your comments, by all means please do :)

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  1. I'd prioritize Haste above spirit & int.

    Also with the tier 9 4pc bonus, crit is going to be much more useful than it's ever been before