Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tale Thirty Two: Offering to Buy Gear? Yes or Nay?

I was in a PuG VoA25 the other day, with 3 resto druids and a boomkin. Inside, I’m groaning because that’s three other people I’m going to have to roll against to win tier gear –if it drops. Yeah, go ahead and call me greedy.

I’ve been having a very “is it full moon” kind of month, and rolling anywhere from 1-30. Fail. I do VoA25/10 every week, because if you have the right dps/tanks/heals, its basically free loot and badges. And for the past month no druid gear has dropped and if it has, I have rolled a 1. *weep*

I got a whisper from one of the other druids (lets called her PvPDruid), asking me if I would be rolling on PvP gear. I told her that no, I wouldn’t since I don’t PvP. Go ahead and flame me (please don’t, remember I’m a tree!) Anyways, the druid said that she was here for PvP gear. I said, ‘all yours’.

What I understood from this was: if you don’t roll on PvP gear, I won’t roll on your PvE gear.

Sweet, right?

I inspected her gear and kind of did a double take, wondering why she didn’t want any PvE gear with the gear she had. PvE gear is still an upgrade from a blue in PvP right?

Fast forward to the boss fight. We shot down the first dude whose name I still can’t remember and I run my barky legs over to his corpse. And Oh.My.God. The T9.5 legs. When it came time to roll on them, I said a quick prayers to the healy gods and pressed /roll.

And boom: a 94.

My celebration was cut short however, when I saw this:

PvpDruid rolls a 95
ThatOtherDruid rolls a 94
TheBoomkin rolls a 40

I said a quick ‘grats’ in raid chat and started my vent to Mr. Littlebark, who also happened to be in the raid.

“Offer to buy them off her,” he said quickly.


“No!” I snapped, thinking off how horrible that sounded. Buy gear that she won?

[PvpDruid] whispers: If any PvP gear drops, I’ll consider passing it on.

I was so upset that I just responded with a “no worries”. As I knew it would happen, no more druid gear dropped. At the end of the run, I left the party and sulked in Dalaran.

Mr. Littlebark and I had a conversation whilst I was making dinner about 5 minutes later, in which he said he didn’t see why I didn’t even try to buy them off her. First off, they’re T9.5 pants. They were more of an upgrade for her, obviously. And I was embarrassed that I wanted the pants bad enough that his suggestion sounded great. So he offered to speak on my behalf.

And lo and behold, two minutes later, Mr. Littlebark came back into the kitchen and proceeded to tell me that I now was the proud owner of new T9.5 pants. My first T9.5.

“I can’t believe she agreed to give them to you,” I said, a grin plastered on my face.

“Well, you’re 1000g short now, but I kind of figured she would sell them. She’s a PvPer. And besides, she said she’s cash starved at the moment.”



Well, at least I have new pretty pants.

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