Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tale Thirty: Important *sorta* news

It's important to me.

About 1-2 weeks ago, I switched my beloved druid to the Alliance side.

Now, when I understood the difference of Alliance and Horde, I swore never ever to play Alliance.

But my will broke and I leveled a Dwarf priest to 80. And I started to play with friends and I was having so much fun. Plus my life is suddendly so insanely busy at the moment that I only had time to really play and raid after 9pm.

So, even though my priest was fun to play and she's an amazing healer, I missed Littlebark. Alot. I mean, she has 450 cooking, 437 fishing and maxed alchemist and herbalist. Most of my achievements are on her. On her, I could tank or dps. And I had an option as to what kind of dps I wanted to do!

I ended up playing my priest more than Littlebark (LB) and I was miserable. I missed my HotS. My battle rez. My running-around-like-a-headless-chicken during a fight.

In the end, I transferred LB to the Alliance and it was hard. I've been playing Horde since I started playing WoW. I had so many friends on my Horde Guild. The guild master (Grimm) and another player are my best friends in WoW. Grimm is my mentor, my friend and the one who I can talk to in WoW about random stuff! Lords of Ancient Sin, for lack of a better word, is my WoW family.

In my Alliance guild, I have no Grimm. Or Fara. While we joke around, it's just not the same you know? I love this guild as well, and I'm pouring myself into it whenever I'm online. I do like being able to play LB now in raids and seeing my name at the top of healing meters (though they mean nothing, I swear!). It's the same as Lords is in Ulduar in the progression scale. But overall, I'm having tons of fun with my friends.

But, I miss the Horde. I find myself /targeting Grimm and Fara in Dalaran in hopes that I see them. I've seen Grimm twice in Dalaran while I was on LB, and it was like someone gave me a present. I've /hugged and /waved and stuff. And then I jump on my Horde toons so I can talk to him and he's already offline.


Such is the life of someone who switches sides. :(

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