Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tale Thirty: Personal Rant. About RL life.

Personal Rant –cover your ears if you’re sensitive:

Took the frigging bus/train to work today. Already, I was peeved because it’s frigging 30C out. Living up north, I’m not frigging used to this. This is torture. I’m seriously melting.

And to make matters worse, some frigging idiot children made me feel about 100 years old today. Who is the bloody idiot who is teaching those kids to RUN down the UP escalators whilst the train arrived at the platform and there’s a herd of us going UP? And of course, these idiot kids are all laughing and pushing each other, while the rest of us are trying desperately to A) hang onto the railing –which of course is another challenge since said kids are sliding down the rail ways as well- and B) not let a stream of profanities erupt from us.

So, I managed to make it to the top of the platform –gasping and thanking the higher powers that they had spared my life. I stayed inside the platform because it mercifully had A/C going. The herds of kids are gone; I’m enjoying music when I heard this over the intercom: “Parents of the child with the red shirt. Please take your child away from the escalator. It is not meant to be played with.”

So, I don’t know if the parents were deaf or just plain didn’t understand English. But in either case, how can you think that your child playing on those electrical stairs is safe? If you see him BLOCKING THE WAY OF PEOPLE GOING UP, it’s NOT okay!

But oh no. The mother, along with her other billion kids in the same stroller, all applaud and laugh at the child doing this. Eventually peace officers came along and the mother apologized, saying that she didn’t know that the child was doing anything wrong.


Thankfully, my bus came along so I escaped that little drama. Until I got on the bus and my heart sank.

My sixth grade bully –and all through Jr and High school, mind you- was on the bus.

Friggin fantastic.

It’s been 8+ years since I’ve known her. And because it’s been so flipping long ago, I don’t remember what the hell I did to make her hate me so much.

Only thing I remember was that in grade six, she stole my left shoe before lunch and therefore, I couldn’t go home for lunch, like my mother expected me to. So imagine midget LB, sobbing her heart out because she’s fearing the wrath of her mother, and panicking because now I only have one shoe. My dear bully walks by, smirking and hisses, “good luck trying to find it, loser!” The teacher won’t believe me when I tell her that my bully probably took it, because lets face it, stealing shoes is not the way to dominate the world. Of course, my mother comes to my rescue with another set of shoes, I get grounded for 2 weeks for losing my other shoe because of course she didn’t believe when I told her that someone stole it. I still have night mares about that day.

But I can’t for the life of me figure out why she hates me.

I understand why she’d hate me in grade nine. After all, I had the hots for the same guy she had the hots for. And since I had the same classes as he did, and she didn’t, I can see why she’d hate me for that. Back then, I thought this dude was like God’s gift to man. Athletic, hunky and friendly. Whether as I was into punk music, anime and being weird. And still, this guy talked to me. Chemistry, right!? Nah. Mr. Irresistable was just being a nice guy, and now I realize that that kind of guy is the cliché of High School, but will most likely end up being a door to door salesman with a beer belly a gazillion kids.

So yeah. Back to today.

Bus is near empty. The bus driver is having a smoke. And my bully is sitting at the FRONT FRIGGING SEAT.

Flipping fantastic. –breathe-

So, as it has become costume for whenever I see her: she trips me, I snarl at her, she dares me to do something. I stand up and brush myself off. Walk towards the back of the bus and turn up my earphones. Finally my stop comes up, and what the hell… she’d moved to the back of the bus. I try to jump over her suddenly outstretched legs, managed to avoid her legs… only to trip myself over my feet. And what broke my fall? My frigging laptop.

Flipping Fantastic.

There will be HELL to pay if my laptop doesn’t work and I can’t play WoW. As of right now, I’m writing from my work computer and cursing my bad luck today.

Hope you guys had a better day than I did.

/End Rant.


  1. i know this may be slightly less than constructive, but it's been 8 years, i suggest you punch her in the face.

  2. After a morning like that your day can only get better :)