Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tale Six

There’s always the Jerks in WoW. No matter how nice you are, no matter how much effort you put into the game, and no matter how great of an attitude you have in game… some one will come to rain on your parade.

I’ve been playing WoW since around April 2008. Not a very long time mind you. I never did Vanilla WoW and the only TBC content I did was Kara. 10 man Kara. And to be honest, that was good enough for me! I was number 5 in the recount chart, I envied the top DPS’ers (aka Zeburah, my boyfriend’s mage… try that for annoying. He likes competing. And rubbing the numbers in my face) but I worked my butt off to be my best.

Fast forward to November 2008. WoTLK is out, Littlebark is almost 80 and I’m pumped. She’s not the number one healer in our guild for 25 man Ulduar, but she borders around 3-4th (damn those chain healing shammies!)

However, ever since LB hit 80, I worked on my other two toons: Jezabeth (my second 80) and Afkforheals à later changed to Littlelight (my third 80).

I’ve given you the down-low on my WoW history now. Back to those Jerks.

The first incident happened on Littlelight. I’d joined a Vault of Archavon run as my secondary spec: ret. Half an hour passed, and we we’re still searching for an off tank. Littlelight has 4 T7 pieces, is def capped and only one blue item on her now, she’s tanked Naxx both as off tank and main tank. So I whispered the raid leader, telling him that though I’d never tanked this guy before, I’d be willing to try. He checked out my gear, and after quizzing me to death, agreed.

I was supposed to pick up the adds on Emalon. My hands – shaking and sweaty. This was a PuG run. On my previous posts, I tell you how I hate PuGs. I’m sure if I’d done this with my guild, I would have not been this nervous. Anyways, for reasons I still can’t comprehend, we wiped. Three times. Healer aggro, DPS aggro. Fail, right? Even I felt pretty bad. But I was pushing my pally to do her best. Then this happens:

[Raid][Jerkface]: Fuck you all, this is a fucking fail raid. Fucking fail dps, fucking fail tank, fucking fail off tank.

And then he leaves. Everyone is stunned. His little rant made me feel physically ill. I realize that he was in a guild that raids hardcore (you should have seen his gear! *drool*!) but that still does not mean he can blow up on all of us. The rest of us tell each other good job and go our merry way.

And then this:

[Jerkface] whispers: Do yourself a fucking favor and never tank again. You fucking fail at it.

Oh come on! I whispered him back, apologizing for making him blow a gasket and for not being as superior as him. Then I put him on ignore. Two minutes later, while I’m riding in circles in Dalaran, another whisper. It was the same guy on a lowbie toon to harass me even more! He went as far as accusing me of buying my account on Ebay and that totally angered me. I put 100% effort into my toons. I sweat and bleed as they climb their way in levels. For this elitist idiot to come along and harass me when I warned him I wasn’t too comfortable with doing it is beyond stepping the line.

And to top it all off, I had healed a heroic on Littlebark for this guy when he had just hit 80. Wipe and wipe again in H VH. But did I blow up on him? No! Because I realize that not everyone starts out with epic gear as soon as you hit 80!

Everything I said to this guy didn’t seem to register through his head. So I ignored that toon as well and logged.

The second incident was with someone within my guild. Yes, I’m Littlebark the Healer, but I have a dps toon! Jezabeth is doing over 3500 DPS right now, and I barely work on her! She gets the least of my attention because I’m so hung up on Littlebark. Jezabeth can get a little jealous that way but that’s life, right? Anyways, I see that my guildie is starting a Heroic Naxx up and that he’s doing gear checking. I offer to go but on Jezabeth. And what does he respond with? “Oh… I guess she can slide under the radar.”

W.T.H. does that mean!? Is 3500DPS not okay for Naxx? Is her gear not good enough? She *has* Naxx 25 gear! I have the achievements! I got so upset over that that I told him “you know what? If you think she’s not good enough then fine. I won’t go.” Which he responded with “no, whatever, just bring her.” But that just made angry. If this guildie doesn’t know what my poor lock can do (mind you, this guildie has raided with my lock before) then why bother? Let’s say she had been the number one dpser. He could’ve blamed it on many things like: the other dpsers weren’t that great, you have better gear than them (which I don’t). Stuff like that. So I thanked him and logged.

So if you have any Jerkface stories, share them! I know there’s hundreds out there.

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  1. Hmm.. Jerkface stories... waaay too many to list. It's people like them that completely changed my opinion of raiding in general. And that's how I became a Kitty PvP addict. Pounce, Shred, Mangle, Rake, Rake, Shred, Mangle, Rake, Rake, Ferocious Bite, /RAWR!!!!!!