Monday, June 29, 2009

Tale Four: PuGs

Normally, I shy away from raid PuGs. Heroics, I don't mind to PuG. But raids... eh... I'd rather not get loot than wipe a billion times because idiots that one tank is okay for 25man Naxx. So even though my guild isnt a hardcore raiding guild, I'd rather plow my way through content with them.

Today however, I got dragged into a ten man Ulduar. Ulduar - the place of all that's evil- wasn't too bad this run! We wiped I think a total of 6 times due to unlucky pulls, and the healers being thrown into the pot at an infortune moment (damn you, Ignis!) but the run was good. We breezed by this place, the people weren't too big of dicks and the loot was fairly distributed.

The night ended with Hodir punching my face in... over and over again. He's a jerk that way and does not like me. At all. I don't get it. All I ever did was heal others who were trying to kill me. But that's my job! It's what I'm meant to do! *sigh* if only he'd understand.

Quick List on what to bring on a PuG (as a resto druid):
1) Flask of Frost Wyrm/Mojo
2) Tender Shoveltusk Steak
3) Be prepared: you will wipe. You will run into idiots. You will cry.

Gotta run!


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