Monday, June 29, 2009

Tale Five

When people find out that I play WoW, of course the main question they ask is: what do you play?

By now you all know that my main is a druid. But that didn't used to be my main. My first level capped toon was actually a hunter named Thienna. Yep, Thienna got me through all of Kara and she got all of her pvp gear (you know... the one with the shoulders are all lighting-ish?) And much fun it was to play her, I just knew it wasn't for me. As appealing as shoot-shoot-shoot-steady shot-shoot sounded like, I didn't want it. So my boyfriend and I decided to make another toon.

Thus, Littlebark was born.

We took a break from playing Littlebark and Sternhoof (my boyfriend's warrior) at level 7 though, because he was going through a phase where Alt Leveling isn't fun. So I shook an angry fist his way and took Littlebark (or LB as my guild affectionatly calls me) on her road trip to 80. When WotLK came out, LB was only level 64 and while everyone leveled their mains to 80, I kept my focus on LB. I knew she'd become my main. I mean, she even took up fishing and cooking!! She hates both, mind you, but she has them!

What is it about the druid that I love so much? Well, I find it the most versatile class out there. You want to heal? Tree form! You want to tank? Rawr (bear) form! You want to dps? Kitty form! But, oh wait! What if I hate melee dps? Never fear, Moonkin form is here! That's right. Two different dps forms! And we also get this Water Form that looks a bit like a deranged walrus for the odd time that we're in the water.

So you see, my fellow readers (I like deluding myself that I have any), that's why the druid stole my heart.

Plus I've been told I'm a bit of a tree hugger.

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