Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tale Fifty Four: This Is It.

As of tonight, I am a guild master. I don't have the tittle yet, but this is what happened:

I blame Avatar.

Yes. You read that correctly. AVATAR.

Something about the blue Neytiri or whatever chick sparked something in Mr. Littlebark and he decided that
enough was enough. Apperantly, he wasn't having fun in WoW anymore and he wanted to be carefree, and all that hallmark crap.

And he told me this at Walt Mart. There I was, about to order my Double Cheeseburger combo at McDonald's and he tells me "Oh, and at 10:30 tonight? I'm telling everyone that I'm quitting WoW."

I admit: I got pissed off. The guild is doing SO well right now. We almost downed Saurfang and would have on Sunday night had it not been for our connection. We have our heads straight and we're working so hard.

And Mr. Littlebark decides that this is too stressful.

This next part is going to sound like a rant but honestly, right now? I don't give a flipping birds tail. He basically has the GM tittle ONLY to lead raids. The other stuff, I do. I fish for the Fish Feasts, farm mats for flasks, make sure there is guild repair money, update the web posts when we have new kills, I recruit when needed, check the Realm Forums, talk to other GM's from other guilds in case we need a guild alliance in the future and on top of all that, maintain this blog.

Mr Littlebark's job was: show up at 9:15 and send out invites. Explain the strats when they weren't known and hand out loot.

It's painfully obvious how his job is SOOO stressful.

So tonight, I solved it. I told him that once I bought the game card for LB's account, I would transfer the leadership over to her. He will be booted down to Member and he will be invited to raids. However, since he won't be part of the core group, to not expect a spot in the raids everytime.

I've lead raids before. I've learnt from my
mistakes. I know the fights and I am now well educated on how to reach out to all those amazing bloggers out there for support.

My guildmates especially have been great through this. All of them are stepping up to the plate. I told them that because of the enormity of this, I need till the end of the weekend and by then I'll have an action plan. Guildies... thank you. For not /gquitting the moment Mr Littlebark said he was done. For having a little faith in me and for offering your help.

This also brought up the question of expanding to 25mans. Several people are interested and though I feel a certain dislike to them due to my old guild, I'm willing to recruit and see it happen here. The worst that can happen is that the trolls troll and wreck havoc. But as a good GM its only fair to try.

I hope this holiday season finds you all well. If you can, send good vibes our way here... I might need it now more than ever.

PS: Mr Littlebark.
Oh yeah? Well I’ve got something YOU don’t have! My collectors edition Sparkle Pony. Because it sparkles.

Mr Littlebark, I do understand that a burn out is awful. Take all the time you need.

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