Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tale Sixty Six: Blog Makeover!

If you've walked in here and are wondering what on earth is going on and who is this anyways, it's okay.

This is still Littlebark. Just less bark and more claws.

I'm shifting the content of this blog to resto/feral instead of resto/whatever fluff post I want.

I have to thank Jaedia, for being taking the time to do the header for me. It's great, its much bettert han what I had drawn out in my head. So, thank you Jaedia!

If not for her... I would have done the blog makeover and it would have looked something like this:


  1. It's taken me this long to find you, but you're welcome, I glad you like :D

  2. The artwork Jaedia made is pretty nifty, I admit... but personally I prefer your mspaint Masterpiece. It looks a little NSFW.