Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tale Sixty Five: Bloggers Unite!

If you haven't heard already, many bloggers on the blogsphere have joined a guild called Single Abstract Noun on the Argent Dawn (US & EU).

You see, this all began with Tamarind. Yes.

I stumbled on Jaedia's blog and saw she'd made a Horde Shammy alt. Nothing out of the ordinary, right?

Here, I'll quote her:

"Single Abstract Noun is a guild made on Argent Dawn EU Horde-side for the blogging community. I would like to add, that the blogging community isn’t purely made up of bloggers, but also readers."

Damn, I thought. EU Horde side.

But wait! There's more.
Miss Medicina has started a US sister guild to Single Abstract Noun, on the Argent Dawn US server. You have to be Alliance though, because that is the faction that was chosen.
I don't know when the guild was formed but as of 11:45 Thrusday night, there are 102 member in the guild. G Chat is very lively. It's neat seeing so many bloggers in the guild!
So if you want to have fun, chill out and just chat... come join us. Bloggers and readers alike are welcome. You can whisper anyone (I believe) and they'll be able to shoot you a ginvite!


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