Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tale Sixty Four: WoW Karma

- Somewhere in the cold North -

Mr. LB: So! We can upgrade your Deadly hand to Furious. You only need like... 9 more Triumph badges? Lets go do the weekly, then I'll tank the last bit that you need.

Me: Okay! After the weekly, I'll need... *looks at Mr. LB expectantly*

Mr. LB: Anyways, after the weekly we'll need a dungeon with 4 bosses. Like UP -

Me: Gundrak.

Mr. LB: Or the one that you hate.

Me: AN?

Mr. LB: What? No. That one is easy-

Me: It's annoying...

Mr. LB: and only has 3 bosses. The OTHER one you hate.

Me: *crossing my arms* Nu-uh. Forget it. I won't do Occulus.

Mr. LB: Oh come on. It's easy now! And you get extra badges at the end. And a chance at a mount.

Me: I have flight form, and I only need 4 badges after the weekly. I know it's easy now. But it's the principle of the thing. Occulus is my nemesis!

- One hour later -

Mr. LB: Okay, let's do your Random for your Frost Badges.

Me: Okay! *happily clicks "healer" and waits for the instant pop up*


Mr. LB: *Burts out laughing as the Occulus loading screen comes on*

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