Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tale Twelve: Ding 80

Littleprayer the Alliance Dwarf Priest has hit 80.

What a long, long grind it was.

But she's 80 now, and disc specced. She has most of the epic BoE gear she needs, now it's just a matter of heroics.

I haven't played Littlebark in a litte while now. I hate neglecting her, but real life can sure be a pain for getting in the way of my raiding time.

The last thing I did on LB was.. almost kill Hodir. Almost.

Hodir is a fight that requires you to pay attention and keep moving. We had it all down pat and then we stopped. People became frozen, the frozen blows debuff was killer on us healers and we weren't paying enough attention to the icicles.

I'd post a strat about it, but Averna from Nerf This Druid has done it. She's done it so brilliantly that it's humorous and easy to read. So shimmy on over to her site and read them. She's got a bunch of Ulduar boss strats as well.

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