Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tale Ten: Hello Baby Druid!

With Littleprayer almost 80, I'm getting pumped about starting from rock bottom again. Hijak (the fiancee's warrior) and myself have started to collect epic BoE items for when we hit 80 which has left a big hole in our gold bag.

Enter Artaius!

Yes yes! Another druid. This one I shall be leveling on my own, without the fiancee telling me "we have to get to 80 by tomorrow!" (didn't happen by the way. I totally slacked off. I did /played and when I saw that I'd been playing the same level for 7 hours, I cried.)

Another justification for this druid is this: we were idiots when we made professions on Hijak and Littleprayer. They're Alchemist/Engineer/Jewelcrafter.

NO gathering proffesions!

That's where Artaius comes in. She'll be my miner/skinner or maybe even miner/herbalist though that could be tricky when trying to track two things...

Anyways, I'll let you know how this goes. She's already level 3 and I'm banging my head agaisnt the keyboard. I just want my kitty form!


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