Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tale Thirteen: >:(

Thank you Elmick from Cenarius Server, Alliance (US) for being the kind of elitist asshole I hate. Here's a snippet after the 3rd wipe in H AN. ONE HOUR after I had just dinged 80, we dragged ourselves into H UK (we did ok) and then to H AN.

[p][Hijak]: Sorry guys, don't think we can do this.
[p][Elmick]: no, I don't think you can... lol

Is the LOL suppose to soften the blow? "No, you're right. You suck. Haha." Oh how silly of me. You're right, that makes it a whole lot better.

Your Ulduar gear does not impress me. Get some manners. And don't make newly dinged players feel like shit. People like you turn me off WoW so much that I have no desire to touch my priest for a day or so.

/end rant

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