Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tale Sixty One: After Arthas

The Shared Topic at Blog Azeroth this week is: Now what?

Well, not exactly that but what happens to you and your character after the Lich King has been defeated.

This is an interesting question for me. Mr. Littlebark has said more than once that once the Lich King is defeated, that’s it for him. He’s been playing WoW since the beginning and this is “the end of the story for him”.

For Littlebark… I don’t know. When I read the Shared Topic, the RP’er in me came out and this is what I wrote down:

The armor fell.

She stared at Frostmourne, then at Prince Arthas as what little life was left in him gave out. The throne was deadly quiet and in that moment, echoes of the past floated into her head. So many dead, lost and tortured. A great weight from her shoulders was lifted and she sunk to her knees, crying out in victory.

“Praise Elune!” cried Littlebark, sending a quick prayer of thanks to the Gods.

Helmets, swords and cheering erupted. They crowded around the body, some going as far as spitting on it.

Sadness washed over Littlebark, seeing the broken body of an ambitious prince. No respect for his noble deeds when his evil ones overshadowed his good soul. A young man who tried to save his Kingdom made a mistake… and this is how it ended for him.

The druids –Night Elves and Tauren alike- set up camp to the side. They came in all shape and forms, quiet forms in the group. Their silence echoed their feelings: a victory at a great cost.

The gates opened up, causing everyone to turn around quickly and ready to fight for their lives.

Instead, the forces of the Horde and Alliance alike flooded the room. Littlebark could not take her eyes off Jaina Proudmoore, who was weeping silently into her hands.

She crossed the room silently, handing the Lady a handerchief. Jaina grabbed it slowly, offering a weak smile.

Littlebark looked at the floor, frowning slightly, “sometimes I wonder what good it is to be a healer, if I can’t heal the wounds that hurt the most.”

Jaina’s warm hand clasped Littlebark’s, “Marisannah-“

“Littlebark,” she interrupted quickly, a blush crossing her face, “please.”

A stronger smile graced Jaina’s face, “Littlebark… this pain is deep. But it needs its own medicine to heal.”

“I…I lost my best friend and lover to the Scourge. I’m just sorry that you had to go through it too.”

“I didn’t loose him to the Scourge,” Jaina said quickly.

With her eyes on Arthas, Littlebark breathed, “I beg your pardon, my Lady… but that sure looks like it to me.”

*** **** **** ****

I see Littlebark going back to a little house in the forest near Darnassus. Settling down for a little bit.

But once she feels the first earthquake made by Deathwing, she’ll be back in town, reporting for duty.



  1. I'd do the same thing on my druid, LB. Retire to Darnassus (although she really loves the Grizzly Hills more so it'd probable be there) and relax until everything gets shaken up. Then it'd be a quick flight form and check things out, thinking "A healers work is never done!" as she goes by.

  2. @Petal: It's not. It's really not!
    LB absolutley loves Howling Fjord, but I think she'd want to leave Northrend for awhile. I mean, it was her battle field for nearly 2 years. I can totally see her going back to her roots.

  3. Hi Little Bark-

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