Friday, January 8, 2010

Tale Fifty Eight: When LFG picks up the worst of the worst.

I've had a wonderful experience with the LFG Tool. It's been great and fun. However last night was just... oh god. I'll let the images speak for themselves.

Moral of the story: why the hell would you sign up as a tank when you're clearly RET SPEC? Also, we had a DK that d/c'ed at the start (his name is Raithor... who had SP on his wrist, no gems in his sockets, no enchant, nada.)
On a side note, I've been tanking the lower level dungeons on Artaius-my baby druid. I would like to remind everyone: please let the tank pull, especially if your tank is a druid or a warrior. We need rage to attack, and we can't get rage unless a mob is hitting on us.
Have a safe and happy weekend!

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  1. Oh yes, let me get aggro and build som erage on my 45 warrior.

    I was tanking Maraudon the other day with three people I had run a couple of instances with already. We queue for another and get a Shadow Priest. First thing she does is start hitting the mod next to the one I am working with right after the pull.

    She then starts in on me about whether I have tanked before and proceeded to call me terriberr (sic). She ended up leaving and all of a sudden our problems went away. Weird how much of a better tank I am when dps does their job correctly.

    And, to all you DP out there handle warrior (and druid) tank threat carefully. I have a hard time keeping AoE threat on my warrior. This is one of the things I have learned on my mage. If I significantly out gear a tank (and I seem to 9 times out of 10) and I am talking a 2-3k difference in GS, then I make sure I have my aggro drop abilities off cool down. Watch Omen and pop mirror image or invisibility or ice block.

    And FFS, if I taunt a mob coming after you switch targets to one that is not trying to kill you so I can get that one back under control.

    It is not just a tanks job to watch aggro and threat. It is the responsibility of the DPS to make sure they don't pull it. Drops ranks, switch to wands, call your pet to a different mob, something.