Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tale Forty Five: Seriously. Another one?

What is that LB!?

Let me tell you, reader.

That, is LB002.

You see, Blizzard thought it would be hilarious that my server crash five minutes after I log in. From coming home from work.

4 hours later, and it's still not up.

None of my servers are up, none of my friends server are up.

So I rerolled an alt on an Oceanic-that if it ever gets leveled up- I will probably ship back to Cenarius.

This druid looks what my beloved Littlebark looked like before I turned her to Alliance. I think I'll have fun ;)....

Until the damn server comes up.

Server being down = me not being able to do my Turkey Achievements. = me being a sad panda.

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