Monday, October 25, 2010

Tale Eighty Five: How To Fail At Hibernating.

How to Fail at Hibernating.
- a helpful list by Littlebark-

1)Keep in contact with old guildies.
2)Be guildless for 8 months.
3)Not raiding for 8 months.
4)Silently seething at the non-completed Lich King achievement.
5)Talking to guildie about maybe, sort of, kind of raiding again as a group.
6)Letting the idea brew in my mind.
7)Snatching Littlebark back from Mr. Littlebark and promptly transferring her back to Cenarius. “Just in case.”
8)Damn, Littlebark the name was taken by my alt… invoke Twitter help! @altinfam suggests: Mediumbark.
9)Start doing a BUNCH of heroics and PuG raids to get tank and healing gear. “Just in case.”
10)Have a Vent meeting with 2 of our old officers.
11)... setting up a raid event for ICC, inviting every former member of the guild and their new friends.

All this boils down to….

Not hibernating.

So yeah. I’m now raiding again and have been for the past two weeks. We still have kinks to work through and things to discuss –hell; we’re not even a guild, yet! We’re just a bunch of friends having fun in the game again.

Just the way I like it.


  1. it's a start and with CC in sight it might be the start of something epic! :)

  2. @Moonra: Thanks! Like you said, it's a start and I'm excited!