Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tale Sixty Two: I really dislike PuGs.

Suprise, right?

You'll hear me say this quite often in game: "I swear, if I could give a yelling to the elitist asshole who made GearScore, I WOULD!"

Which is really not fair to him. I'm sure he's not elitist or an asshole, just someone who made a mod up and people started misusing it.

Yeah, that's right. I went there, you direspectful, uncaring, idiot PuG raid leaders of Cenarius.

You see, Gearscore was supposed to measure a "score" based on your gear. For example, a freshly dinged 80 has a GS of around 3000. If you only do 10 mans, you have a GS of 5.3ish. And 25 mans? Closer to 6.0K.

However, some PuG leaders view this thing as A BIBLE. I don't have 25 man achievements for ICC, but I do for 10 mans. I have a GS of 5.3k. Mr. Littlebark has made his Shadow Priest his main for now, so I whispered a RL and told him my predicament. I have high GS + 10 Achievements. Mr. LB no achievements on Shadow Priest but a horde of them of his Pally.

"Need Achieve to get in or high GS. Not bringing people that need explanation or stand in shit and achievements rule out 80% of that."

I promptly said thank you, and declined the invite.

I understand what he's trying to do. But what irks me is this. With the new badge vendor system, you can grind heroics and get all ICC entry level gear -without going into a raid. Hence not knowing where to stand or knowing the fights.


This is a rant. The RL had no way of knowing that Mr. LB does know the fights and in fact led raids for almost 6 months, knows where to stand and has a couple of tricks up his sleeve.

I guess it's too much to ask for RL of Cenarius to just hold hands and sing "Kumbaya".


  1. There is a mod that was created by the creator of Shadowed Unit Frames, called Elitist Group. It is by far the better mod; it has more information and lower memory footprint. GS is a momory hog and I tell everybody in our raids to please turn it off when it spams 5megs of data during a raid.

    Elitist Group, on the other hand, is written well and will show achievements for and progress for the various instances. The thing I really like about it is that you can set it to send information from your main, so that if you are on an alt pug or raid leaders can see your progress as a player, not just a toon.

    That all having been said, I feel your pain about pug asshats. EG is picking up steam and should (imo) be used instead of GS and is why I am promoting it (and urging others to as well). Give it a look see and, at the very least, you can then call out a pug leader on his iffy gem choices, or lack of xp in whatever instance he hasn't done. That should shut him up.

  2. o btw, do you need both word recognition and moderation of comments?

  3. I've heard of EG. I don't have it running myself, but will try to promote it. It seems better than GS <_<

    And I'm not sure if I can turn off either or tbh